About Us - The history of our growing home elevator company title

Since 1982 the Wallace Family has been installing, servicing and designing elevator systems for both residential and commercial applications. From simple stair chairs to complicated 40 story skyscrapers our products and services have enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States.

In the late 1990s we began to see a rise in the demand for residential elevators. Within a few years we had turned our complete focus to the service and installation of residential elevators. Our background and training quickly enabled us to grow our organization into one of the nation’s largest home elevator installation companies. 

As our company grew, so did our need for quality products. We developed AHE Manufacturing through the knowledge and experience of numerous systems and manufacturers. This knowledge has enabled us to design a home elevator manufacturing company that is the best of breed in every aspect. From our outstanding customer service, fast lead times, custom designed cabs, and of course, the reliability of our systems, you can be sure that each and every home elevator we manufacture is designed and produced as if we were installing and servicing it ourselves.